Saba and St. Kitts & Nevis

We got into Saba at night. It was pitch black and a little difficult to find a ball.  We picked up a mooring ball and then went to bed. The next day, we woke up and realized how amazing the island looked. It was a straight cliff coming out of the water. We even heard goats while we were eating breakfast.

We picked up Pura Vida and took our dinghy with our friends on Britican to check into the country. The waves were giant! We all got soaking wet. We checked in, and then we arranged for an island tour. Our guide showed us towns and mountains.

We decided to hike to Mount Scenery, so the guide dropped us off at the trail. The trail was really steep uphill and the stairs were close together and three feet high. We climbed 1064 steps all the way up to the tippy top. When we looked out from the top,  expecting to see a stunning view, all we saw was white cloud.

We went all the way back down and ate lunch in town. Afterwards, we got ice cream. We stopped by the airport and found out that it was the shortest commercial runway in the world. It was so small! We saw some more pretty views and towns, and then our tour was over. We came back to our boats and prepared to leave the next morning. We untied early morning and left Saba.

 We arrived at St. Kitts by late afternoon. That night we had a party with all our friends from Britican, Pura Vida, Vela, Carpe Ventum, Savanna, and Temerity. We did dunking contests, and then we all decided to dunk the guy dunking us. That  day we didn’t really do anything. At night we had a potluck, and we served mahi mahi, lion fish, chicken, and other wonderful things.

The next day we rented a car with Britican and Temerity. We did some shopping while the moms and Temerity went on a hike. We ate lunch at this really cool place where they turned shipping containers into restaurants. After that, we picked up the people who went on the hike and headed for the fort.

When we got to the fort, we looked around a bit. Then, Simon said he was feeling dizzy, so he laid down. After about five minutes, he said he was okay and got up again. After a few seconds of standing, he fainted. We called the ambulance. They got him to the hospital. We met up with them at the hospital. Then we took Sienna (Simon’s daughter) out for ice cream to make her feel better. We went grocery shopping and then came back to the hospital to pick up Kim and Simon. We went back to the boat at the end of the day worn out. The next day, we took the big boat over to another anchorage in St. Kitts where there was an inflatable, floating obstacle course. Britican got a new person on their boat, Doewe , (like wow-ah except with a D. D-ow-a)  who was staying with them for two months. We played on the obstacle course for about 3 hours before we were tired. Then, we took the big boat back and went to sleep. The next day we left St.Kitts.

We headed towards Nevis, another island (part of same country as St. Kitts). The first day we went to the beach and hung out with Britican. The Nevis locals really like their music loud. We had trouble sleeping from a mile away from the music. The next day, we decided to go to the hot springs of Nevis with Britican. We asked for directions to the hot springs, and a local told us to look behind the gas station. We found the gas station, and surprisingly, there was a hot tub. There was a sign saying that the water was 110*F . The sign was right because it was really, really, really, hot. After about 5 minutes, we got out and headed home. That night the adults went to a really fancy and expensive restaurant while the kids stayed home alone on Rondo. We mostly played video games with Sienna the whole night. Once they came home, all they did was talk about how good the food was. I wish I could say the same about a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla. We spent another day at the beach and then left Nevis the next morning.  

The BVI’s (British Virgin Islands) ~ Katelyn

We left St.John after my grandma left and headed over to Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. We dinghied to a bar called Soggy Dollar where our friend ,Sam, had a birthday. We stayed there for the day and found an octopus in the water under a rock. We left that evening and headed over to Foxy’s, which is a restaurant. We stayed there and danced on the dance floor for Sam’s birthday. We left for the Indians the next day. 

At the Indians, we snorkeled around. The rock structure was amazing! Unfortunately, there weren’t many fish to see. After an hour at the Indians we left for Norman Cay. The next morning we went to some underwater caves in Norman. They were awesome! One cave was really dark so we needed a flash light. We left to Long Bay and stayed there for three days doing basically nothing. After that we left for Leverick Bay. 

We went to dinner at a place called Hog’s Heaven. The BBQ was so good! It had a very good view from way up in the mountains. We left the next morning for the south end of Virgin Gorda. There, we took a hike through the boulders. We jumped off one boulder that was difficult to get climb. After that, we went back to Leverick Bay and just hung out there for two days swimming with our friends. 

After Leverick, we went to Cooper Island and played on our mat and at the beach. We ate dinner with our friends and came up with funny radio names to call each other. Our name was “Princess Fluffy.” Pura Vida’s name was “Who Farted,” and Britican was “Sausage Time.” We still use those radio names.

After Cooper, we went back to Norman and snorkeled in the caves again. The next day, we went back to Jost and celebrated Mikey’s 13 birthday. We went out to eat and came back to our boat for cake. The next day, “Who Farted” left to Saint John, and we stayed in Jost for three days before going to Trellis Bay for the full moon party. It was fun, and they had people performing on stilts. Also there was a very drunk local setting giant metal balls filled with wood on fire.


After the full moon party, we went to Cane Garden Bay.  In Cane Garden we snorkeled around the minnows. They were so cool. They would surround you by the millions. We also snorkeled over to a reef and saw: a school of squid, a garden eel, a jelly thingie (we looked it up and it is a kind of reef plant, but I can’t remember the name), and a giant puffer fish. We stayed there and celebrated Sienna’s (Sausage Time’s kid) birthday. We stayed in Cane Garden a few more days then left with Pura Vida to Leverick bay. We had a bonfire on the beach and caught a giant crab. We stayed there a few more days then found a weather window to cross the  Anagada Passage. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!! T

St Thomas and St John ~ Michael

This week we had a guest. We arrived in St Thomas a few days before we had to pick her up, so we went to Christmas Cove. This was one of our favorite places from our charter trip last year.  Last time we saw everything there (all kinds of spectacular marine life). This time we tried to see everything, but it was a little less lively. We met up with all of our friends again, only to leave to pick up Mamoo (our really nice grandma). We picked her up along with the stuff she brought for us (if you want to visit our boat, you will have to take along a few parts for us).

The next few anchorages were filled with big, edible fish and lobster that were teasing me for not being able to get them (because we were in a marine park and were not allowed to fish). We saw sea turtles who didn’t mind if we swam right up to them.  We went on a few hikes around Saint John.

We stoped at a small anchorage to rest from sailing because we did not want to sail all day. My sister and I got the swing out, and as we took the shackle off the life line, it fell in the water. Dad and I had to dive for it the next day.  Luckily, we were able to find the shackle. The next morning we left for Honeymoon Beach. This place was better known for the town than the water. The town had multiple restaurants that we visited. One of the bars had swings hanging from the roof. They also had the best food in town for its price. We also got ice cream. The next day Mamoo had to go, so we went to the ferry and dropped off Mamoo.

Then we got the best empanada in the world. The End  ( :

Salinas to Culebra, PR ~ Katelyn

IMG_7707After Isla Caja De Muertos we went to Salinas. In Salinas, we met up with some of our friends from Corpus who were in Puerto Rico at the time. We played on the wrestling mat and on our swing, and we ate a lot of candy. They stayed for about five hours and then headed back to their place. We stayed one more day in Salinas, but we couldn’t stand the loud music the locals played, so we left.

We went to Green Beach in Vieques and paddle boarded around while Michael and Dad speared fish. The boys came back later with a hogfish. The next day Michael and Mom went spear fishing and came back with a small snapper. We left the next day for Bio Bay. We tried to anchor outside Bio Bay but it was too rough and there was reef all around us, so we decided to go to a different anchorage. We went to a nice place with a sandy beach for the night. Mikey, Mom, and Dad went ashore and walked around for a bit. We left the next day for a good snorkeling spot, but it was way too rough, so we decided to go to Culebra.

We left to Culebra and anchored close to town. We went into town to check it out, and ended up buying a spear gun and some souvenirs. We ate dinner at a place called Mama Cita’s and there were so many tarpon. The next day we left to Tamarind on the western side of Culebra. We met up with some people and snorkeled. Then, everyone came on our boat for a while. We left the next morning for Culabrita. In Culabrita, it was really hectic, and there was a lot of boats so we decided to head back to Culebra. We grabbed a mooring ball and went to a sandbar to swim and hang out. We came back to the boat and some people came over for a little bit and talked. We left the next day for St. Thomas.