One thing Mikey’s weekly updates will probably not contain is our progress on fixing up our boat.  The kids have started school, so they spend their days doing school work, swimming, doing a few chores, and having a little downtime.

While they are doing their schoolwork, Mike and I have been working on the boat with our friend, Rudy, who is showing us how to do everything.  Since we have been in Florida, Mike and Rudy have been working on the engines (and troubleshooting some issues from time to time), fixing the generator (and troubleshooting why is dies after running for a few minutes), fixing the watermaker (and troubleshooting why the lights went out when the watermaker ran for the first time), replacing shore power cords and sockets (and troubleshooting why the power cords were burning out), replacing air filters, water filters, gasoline filters, and oil filters, restringing the trampoline, and installing a solenoid switch (just to name a few).

We have also been learning how to operate everything.  There is a learning curve to doing anything on a boat (even simple things like flushing the toilet or taking a shower are a little different on the boat).  Learning how to empty our bathroom holding tanks was my least favorite lesson, but did prove to be less disgusting and stinky than I had imagined.  Mike just found our controls to regulate the temperature of our refrigerator and freezer (it has been interesting to see what produce can survive freezing temperatures – the answer is “not many”).  Not only have we been learning how to operate everything, but we have been learning what spare parts we will need and where to find them.  We had to visit 5 different stores to find 1 replacement hinge.

We are finishing up all our big repair projects, but still have a lot to figure out.  We haven’t tried our washer/dryer yet, our dinghy is still unreliable (if it starts), and we have to replace a knob in order to try out our grill (obviously this last one is a low priority, but still important for fish tacos and grilled lobster).

As of today, we have only taken the boat out of the slip 1 time.  Mike had a full day’s driving lesson, and my driving lesson is supposed to be today.  Mike did great in his lesson and felt great about it afterward.  I think I was more stressed about his lesson as a passenger than he was as the driver, so we’ll see how my lesson goes today 🙂

Overall, we are feeling confident about our progress and feel like the boat will be in good shape and we will be ready to leave in November! ~ Sarah


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