Week 2 – Katelyn

During our second week in Florida, we went to sailing camp to learn how to sail. In sailing camp, we had to lift boats and rig them all by ourselves (it was really painful). I made some friends too: Ava and Celia. We went to the sandbar a lot. On Friday, we went to Whiskey Creek. We caught a lot of fish and shrimp. We also caught a sea hare and an angler fish (I would just like to mention, that I was the one who caught the angler fish, but I thought it was a lion fish and dropped it. So, Jack got all the glory and attention).

On Saturday, we went to Watercolor and saw the Kelleys and the Kaspars. In Watercolor, the house was GIANT!!!! There was even a separate house for the kids. We went to the beach a lot and went on an evening cruise on a boat. We explored the forest behind the house. We got cuts, and walked through poison ivy, but it wasn’t bad, and it was worth it. On our walk, we saw bats, and they flew right over our heads. We also saw frogs and lizards. We left on Tuesday and on Wednesday went back to camp.

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