Week 6 – Katelyn

During week six aboard sailing catamaran Rondo, we did our daily school work and worked on the boat getting spare parts and stuff. We got a new game called Suspend. It’s really fun. Anyone who is reading this should get it.

We also went to a huge park with a splash pad and a carousal with our friends Tristen and Boden, who also live on a boat. While we were there, one kid had a really bad head injury. The ambulance and the police came. It was a really big deal. So ,when we came back to the boat, we finished our school work and played Suspend. It was so fun.

This morning, we went to the beach and swam, and it was really clear. Hope to tell you guys more later on but that’s it for today!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!

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