Week 7 – Katelyn

During week 7, our friends, the Kelleys, came over. They went to a sports bar, the beach, and another sports bar. It was also my mom’s birthday on September 1. It was also my dad’s birthday on September 3. We took the boat out for the first time in the ocean. My brother and I laid on the trampoline the whole time. It was really fun!

Hurricane Irma was heading to Fort Lauderdale. We tried to get a flight out of Florida, but the airports all shut down. We were thinking about driving, but everyone said not to because there was no gas. So, we panicked ( by “we” I mean my mom) and bought a bunch of water and canned foods. Then, the Glinsky’s got a private jet and we asked if we could go with them. They said we could. My dad did not go with us because he wanted to make sure the boat would be okay. We were waiting at the airport when the Glinsky’s called us and said that we needed to go to a different airport. They picked us up in a limo! It was the only car they could get. Two of their dogs were in the limo and two of their dogs were in another rental car. The jet was headed for Chicago where my mom’s sister lives, so it was perfect!

In Chicago, we went with our cousins to the Shedd aquarium. It was super cool. Then, we met my Uncle A.J.’s family and had Chicago pizza and desert brownies with ice-cream. We went with the Glinsky’s to the Chicago Science and Technology Museum. It was so fun! There was a Jurassic World exhibit, and they had giant robotic dinosaurs that moved. It is hard to explain, but anyone who is in Chicago should go there. I think it’s there every summer and goes to different museums, but if you’re there right now, go see it! We left Chicago on Wednesday and got back to the boat.

The next day, my dad and I went to Corpus. We took a flight to Tampa, and from Tampa flew to San Antonio, where we rented a car and drove to Corpus. We got to Corpus around 11:00 pm and stayed at our friend, Will’s, place. In the morning, we went to our friends’ house that is right next door (they almost squeezed me to death when I rang the doorbell). It was Friday, so they had school and I went with them to drop them off. On Friday, we went to the burial of my great-grandma, Alva. I saw my aunt Suzanne, my grandpa , my grandma Laurie, my great-grandpa Mose. I also saw my grandma on my mom’s side because she liked my great-grandma and wanted to see the burial. After the burial, I went with my grandma on my mom’s side to her house. Then, we went to Will’s house where my friend Cat lives. At Cat’s, we went out in their neighborhood and sold cookies for a fundraiser for her school. After that, we went to my friends house and stayed there for the night (except for cat – she went home around 8:00 pm).
The next day, my friend had a speech thing, so I went to my grandma’s house and got my dress for the funeral of my great-grandma. At my great-grandma’s funeral, there was a reception. After that, we went to eat lunch at SaltGrass. Then, we went to Will’s and saw my friend Cat. With Cat, we went to my friend’s house and played over there. Cat had to leave, so we said goodbye and then stayed at my other friend’s house. On Sunday, we had to leave Corpus.

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