Week 4-5 – Michael

We were posting our location on “Kids For Sail” (a website for live-aboard yachts around the world), and the Izula family that had two boys (7 and 10) noticed we were there. Their names are Boden and Triston. They decided to stop by, and we became good friends.
Then, a family that we have known for a long time came over from Jupiter, and we went out to eat at lunch. After that, it was training day! My dad went first, then Mom. Wile they practiced driving, I practiced radioing the bridges. They both went up the New River. Then, my sister and I practiced driving the boat. All we did was drive about a ¼ a mile.

The next week, we went to the Izula family’s boat for dinner. After that, we met our new friends at the Science Explorium to see a solar eclipse. We went inside to see all the scientific exhibits. Then, it was eclipse time! You have to have glasses to see the eclipse with your eyes, but the line to get them was super long, so we used our friends’ glasses. After that, they came to our boat again for dinner. Then, for the rest of the week: work, work, work, and work!

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