Week 6

We just did schoolwork this whole week. After that ,our friends from Florida came over for two days.

Then, on the same day, my dad’s friends came over from Dallas, Texas, and they stayed 5 days. They left a day early before the airport shut down due to hurricane Irma. Then, we were worried that we would not be able to leave for the hurricane. We decided to stay at a hotel. Then, the hotel called to say they were closing due to the hurricane and that we would have to evacuate to a shelter. We knew that that was not an option, so we were really freaking out.

Then our friends who came over for 2 days, chartered a private jet (because it was the only thing they had available). We decided to leave, but my dad stayed at his friend’s house. The airport we where at was taking too long, so they chartered a limo (because it was the only thing they could find) and took us to a smaller airport (when you evacuate with the Glinskys you evacuate in style)! Luckily, they took us to Chicago (where my mom’s sister lives) 🙂 .

Once we got back, we checked the boat for cracks. Then my sister and my dad went to the funeral for my great-grandma on my dad’s side. I did not go because I had to help Mom on the boat. We had a mommy-son weekend. Then I typed a blog.

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