10/16/17 – Katelyn

Lately, we have been working on the boat a lot. We got some provisions for our shake-out cruise to the Florida Keys. We got a new jib car and an anchor. We installed the anchor and jib car the next day. We got new filters and we are fixing the enclosure right now. We started organizing all of our flags, and we made new curtains for the windows in our bedrooms. We are fixing our window right now, so Michael has to sleep in my room, 🙁 unfortunately.

We have to put sun screen on every day if we go out in the sun, or else we will look older than our parents. We also got a new dinghy, and it’s really fast! We have driven every single day since we got it. Last week we also went to our friends’ birthday parties. At one party we went to their boat and did the GUNG GUNG swing. It was really fun. At the other party we went to a park, played there, and had cupcakes. It was really fun. The rest of the week it was only work, work, and work.

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