11/4/17 – Katelyn

A couple of weeks ago, we left Fort Lauderdale and headed to the Keys. It took about the whole day to get to our first key, Key Biscayne. We tried to get in a place called No Name Harbor, but the harbor was too full, so we anchored close by. That day, we only rested, but the next day we saw a tropical storm heading our way, so we moved to a more protected area. My parents had to keep watch the whole night to make sure our boat didn’t hit anything. The next morning there were a lot of boats that anchored next to us, and we decided that it was time to go to the next key.

We left our spot, and on the way, we found a little lizard stuck on our boat. We tried to feed it, but found out it only ate live worms. When we got to the next key, we drove our dinghy to shore and let it go. The beach looked horrible. Some trees were sticking out of the ground upside down with their roots to the sky and their branches to the ground. There was trash and broken glass everywhere, and the picnic tables were destroyed. We brought the trash from our boat with us because there was a marina right next to us and needed to dump it out. The marina was pretty good, but there were some floating docks that were sinking instead. We dropped off the trash and went back to the boat.

The next day we went to another key, Pumpkin Key. Pumpkin Key wasn’t that interesting so I don’t know what to say about that one. We took the dinghy for a ride through the mangroves. The water was really clear and we saw some flying fish, but thats really it.The next morning we went to Key Largo. We went into town and ate dinner. The place looked really bad. There were washed up boats everywhere you looked, trees sticking out of the ground, and docks destroyed. The next day we went to pickle reef. We snorkeled a lot and saw a shark and some barracuda.

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