11/9/17 – Michael

After Pickle Reef, we left for Indian key. It was very calm and had lots of fish traps. It was very pretty, too. We decided to head back up the keys because there was a calm day that was ideal for crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, and we wanted to cross from Biscayne Key.

We had a set course for Crocker Reef along the way, but a long rope drifting in the water got stuck in the propeller ,and Dad had to cut it out. We got to Crocker Reef, but it was three miles out and rough. The water was a little cool because of the cold front. We got in, but we didn’t see much except for fish and a few shells. Then, we ate rock solid bread that make banging sounds when you drop it and sinks instead of floats! After that, we took the dinghy out to a different part of the reef that was too far away to swim. It had the best life we have seen so far. We saw puffer fish, needle fish, and barracuda.

Once we left, we headed to Rodriquez Key to rest up for the trip to the Bahamas!
There were a lot of sunken ships around Key Largo. We had to get some groceries, so we headed up the mangroves to get to a Publix (type of grocery store) . We also had to get some parts for the boat. On our way back, I spotted a sea manatee. It looked like an oval under water with a back fin.

The next day, we headed to Miami to fuel up.  After that, we headed for Key Biscayne. It was crowded there, but at night everyone was gone, and we had it all to ourselves. That next morning we left to the Bahamas! We caught a mahi-mahi and a barracuda. We didn’t know when we entered the Gulf Stream. It wasn’t bad at all. We finally reached the Bahamas!!!!

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