11/20/17 ~ Katelyn

(Pictures to come when we have a little bit better internet connection)

We crossed the Gulf Stream last week and made it to Bimini in the Bahamas. In Bimini, we went to a marina called “Big Game Club” where they feed bull sharks. It was really cool to see them fighting over fish. We went to the beach, and it had the clearest water I’d ever seen! We walked around town and got CHARLIE’S BREAD. It was so good that the whole name deserves to be capitalized.

We went out to a shipwreck and snorkeled there. We saw really cool fish and some stingrays at the shipwreck. We also went to a place called the Three Sisters, which is another snorkel spot. By the way, barracudas are really creepy when they follow you. There are stingrays in the water at Bimini, and they jump out of the water sometimes.

On my birthday, we rented a golf cart and drove around town. We went to the beach, and my dad had to call me “champion” for the whole day because I beat him in a game. We had homemade pizza for dinner and watched a movie at night.

Throughout the week, we went to the South Bimini nature trail and to the beach. After that, we went home.

We left Bimini on Saturday morning.  We “slept” out in the ocean that night on the Bahama Bank. The next day, we made it to Alders Cay.

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