11/27/17 – Michael

We decided to leave Bimini. We headed out to the Berry Islands. It took us six hours until we stoped in the middle of the Bahama Bank and anchored for the night with no land in sight.  Then, we left the next morning and arrived at Alders Cay.  We only had one neighbor. It was a fishing boat that sold mostly lobster and conch. That night we bought lobster for dinner and paddle boarded around. We snorkeled around the next morning and saw a lion fish and a giant basket star. The snorkeling was not the best, but it was okay.

Next, we went to Soldier Cay. We were the first boat there. Three other boats came as the day went on, including our fishing boat friends. The snorkeling there was a lot better. The coral and fish were cool. We saw a ton of conch in one spot in front of the island and about 4 lobsters (one was huge and had as much meat as a chicken – we named him “Lopsy”).  If you are in the anchorage and you are facing the island, the right side of the beach where the rocks are is the patch of conch (about 50 conch). We did not eat any because they don’t really like for you to take conch when It is in endangered (even though the conch shops kill about 200 a day).  Here we had a pet barracuda, who we named “Berry,” who hovered around our boat.  Berry made fishing difficult because he kept trying to go after our bait.

After Soldier Cay, we went to Shark Creek on Great Harbor Cay. NO SHARKS! We only saw giant stingrays. But that is still cool. My dad pulled me through the water behind the dinghy while I was holding onto a rope. I almost let go a few times. After that, we went to a beach club for lunch, and it was pretty good. Everyone in my family rated it 4 stars.****

Then, we traveled to Little Gaulding Cay, which is the best cay there! The Blue Hole was the most fun. The Blue Hole is a deep, dark, scary swimming hole on Hoffmans Cay. There is a limestone ledge about 20 feet high that surrounds the hole. You will like it only if you jump off the lede into the deep, dark, scary hole. If you don’t jump, it is no fun. Dad, Mom, and I were brave enough to jump.

Little Gaulding Cay was a great spot for fishing. We caught tons of yellow tail snapper, one huge mutton snapper, one mangrove snapper, and one big gray edible fish, the name of which I forgot. Once we put the remains of the fish in the water, reef sharks came and started a feeding frenzy. The next morning, we left to Atlantis. ; )

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