12/4/17 – Katelyn

After the Berry Islands, we went to Atlantis. In Atlantis, we went to the waterpark and went on some slides. We also saw the aquarium and ate lunch at a pizzeria. We stayed at Atlantis for three days then left the marina and anchored outside of Nassau. There, we got some provisions, some cream soda (which is delicious, by the way), and some Bahamian soda (also good). We also got some beer (you can guess who wanted that), some chocolate, fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, eggnog, and some pumpkin puree for Christmas pumpkin pie. We left our spot in the middle of the night because we were drifting in the channel.

We left the next morning to Highborne Cay in the Exumas. We went snorkeling and speared some lion fish. We were going to go to the Iguana island, but we were all tired. We left the next day to Normans Cay. We learned that Normans Cay used to be a drug dealer’s island. We only walked on the beach there. There was a plane we could have snorkeled at but the weather did not allow us to go to that side of the island. Thats all! Thanks for reading!

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