Shroud Cay 12/4/17 – Michael ; )

Our first stop in the Exuma Land and Sea Park was Shroud Cay. The sea park is protected, which means no motoring up certain creaks, no fishing, no lobstering, no conching, no taking any thing out of the islands, and no eating natural stuff in the area.

We like Shroud Cay because of the pretty water, even though it was not the best. The first thing we did was a hike through the island to explore the natural fresh water well. The well was very disappointing. All it was was a fresh water pond surrounded by rock. Actually, it didn’t look all that fresh either. The rest of the island was really pretty and cool. We went up a winding creek surrounded by mangroves. We hiked up a hill called “Camp Driftwood.” There was nothing there but a hill, but we got a good view of the island. On the way back, we drifted through the creek. We saw nothing but a baby barracuda and two fish. The next morning, Dad and I weren’t lazy enough to stay on the boat, and we went snorkeling. A few baby jellyfish stung my dad pretty bad. We also saw a few lion fish, a giant puffer, some angelfish, a lobster, a giant hermit crab, and a few Nassau grouper. Then, we left that morning.T

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