Warderick Wells Cay 12/7/17 – Katelyn

In Wardrick Wells Cay, we picked up a mooring ball, but there was a sand bar right next to us that we almost hit, so we had to go get a new one. From our new spot, we took the dinghy and went to the blowholes on the island. We only saw one shooting water out, but it was neat to feel the air rushing through the others.

After the blowholes, we went snorkeling around our boat. We saw a shark, three turtles, a pufferfish, and some colorful reef fish. We went to another snorkeling spot and saw a lobster, lion fish, and some more reef fish. After that, we invited some people over for dinner from another sailboat and ate with them. The next day, we went to a sunken sailboat, it wasn’t that neat though. We also saw a lot of rays and sharks.

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