Bell Island 12/10/17 – Michael

We had a rough ride down to Bell Island (owned by the Islam leader of one group (Aga Khan is the name of the leader)). The island was pretty cool, there was one huge mansion!

The first place we decided to go to was the Rocky Dundas (a group of under water caves), so my dad and I got in the dinghy and raced through the rough swells. My dad said, ”It looks too dangerous,” but I convinced him to try it out, and it was cool. The first cave (the northern-most cave) was wide enough for 10 people. There was a hole where light shined through. It wasn’t as scary because it was low tide. The other cave (the southern-most cave) was taller and easier to see. There was a beach that you can climb on and a tower of rocks someone had built before. I stacked my rock on top of the tower. It is dangerous to get on the beach when the waves are pushing you onto the rocks. Tip: take your fins off before you get beached.

The next day, we went on a hike on Cambridge Cay. It was pretty cool. We saw a few snakes and some cliffs. I can’t tell much about it, but the pictures can. We met our friends who we met at Shroud Cay. They were filming with a drone and invited us to visit their boat.

Their boat was aluminum and had two masts and two hulls. It was big and nice. We talked and watched the film.

Then, we went to the caves again with the whole family. It was high tide and the northern cave was hard to see. Mom was afraid to go in that one at first. Everyone went to the southern cave because you didn’t have to swim underwater to get into the cave. This time the water in the cave was rougher and harder to get on the beach. Everyone had fun in the cave, and then we drove the dinghy to Compass Cay to see the “Bubble Bath.” It was disappointing. It was just some water spilling over some rocks into a creek.

A cold front blew in and it was super rough, so the next day we left to the next adventure. : )

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