Staniel Cay 12/14/17

Once we left Bell Island, we went to Staniel Cay. When we got there, we immediately went to the swimming pigs. They were so cute! They swam out to meet us and we fed them some celery and carrots. They had baby pigs everywhere, and the adult male pigs were disgusting! They were extremely fat and had scabs all over them. It was gross. They were kind of scary too. They would squeal really loudly and then make honking noises.

After the pigs, we went to a cave called Thunder-ball Grotto.It was pretty neat. The fish swam right up to you, and the cave was amazing once you were inside. We saw an eel and two stingrays there too. After the cave, we went to pig beach again. There, I stubbed my toe really badly. I think I broke it, but Michael doesn’t think so.

After that, we left. We headed from there to Black Point Cay. There, we got pretty much nothing. We got a few groceries, but they didn’t have most of the stuff we needed.

We left the next day to Little Farmers Cay. There, we took a hike on the island to a cave. The cave was really cool, but there were bats. Michael aimed the flashlight over them, which caused them to fly everywhere. It really freaked me out. We headed back to our boat and then left from there the next morning.

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