Christmas in the Bahamas – Katelyn

In George Town on Wednesday, my grandma came for a visit. My grandma’s flight came in two hours late, so we had to wait. Once she got there, her luggage didn’t come, so that took another 30 min. Then, we had to drive back to the dinghy dock and that took about 15 min. So in all, it took over three hours to pick her up. 

The next day, we went swimming with the dolphins, again. This time, they got EXTREMELY close to us. They swam under us, and they would stare at us. 

Next, we invited our friends over for dinner. They swam with dolphins too. We also played on the Gung-Gung swing. It is a swing that you use to run on the side of the boat. We also made three movie trailers on our iPads. Once they left, we went to bed. 

The next day, we sailed to White Bay Cay. There, we saw some fat pigs, some nice stingrays, and a great snorkeling spot. At the snorkeling spot, there was a blue hole in the water. In the blue hole, there were a ton of stingrays at the bottom. On the sides of the blue hole, there were a lot of fish. After that, we sailed back to George Town. 

That day, we went to the Chat n’ Chill. At the Chat n’ Chill, we met a lot of kids. On Christmas, we had a potluck at the Chat n’ Chill. Our table was the ‘kid’ table, we had 9 kids at our table including myself and Michael. We made an igloo out of sand at the potluck. 

The next day we went to the beach and played with the French Canadians that we met. 

The next day, it was time for Mamoo to leave. We went snorkeling before we dropped her off at the airport. After we dropped Mamoo off , we got invited to go to a boat called Dawntreader. At their boat, we played laser tag and some board games. It was really fun. THE END 


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