First Week in George Town – Michael

We caught a huge mahi-mahi on the way to George Town. George Town is the most populated anchorage that we have seen. It has one kid boat named Gallop. There are 2 young girls, 9 and 7 years old, and they only speak French. 
We went to Chat N’ Chill where everyone was nice. I showed some magic tricks to some employees and they where mind-blown. They brought me in the bar and made me show everyone there. That is where we met our Canadian friends. For everything I needed to say, I used the translator app or asked their mom what they where saying. We are learning some French. We managed to play games, and I was able to show them some magic tricks. 
The next day, they came to our boat and we played on the gung gung swing and the inflatable mat. We saw some people swimming with dolphins near our boat, so we jumped in and swam with them. We got so close to one that I could have touched it. Our friends stayed all day and ate the last of the mahi-mahi with us. 
In the morning, we went to the Chat N’ Chill and built a sand castle. After that, we went to town for chores. We came back and did some school work so we could meet our friends and make another sand castle. The next morning we ate brunch at the Gallop boat. : )

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