Update – Sarah

For those of you who read this blog, I am very sorry we have been so slow with recent posts.  Since we arrived in George Town, we have had very slow internet.  We have finally worked it out and are now able to update the blog and even post pictures.

We have enjoyed our stay here and have met several new sailing families.  My mom was our very first visitor while cruising, and we were glad we could spend Christmas with her.  We attended “Beach Church” on Christmas Eve and a “Cruisers’ Potluck” on Christmas Day on the same beach.  Packing Christmas dinner for a picnic on the beach was a new experience, but well worth the effort.  We had so much fun chatting with all the families and other cruisers that I hardly picked up my camera.  

My mom left a few days later, and we have been busy with working/cleaning the boat, catching up on homeschool, playing with new friends, and waiting out bad weather ever since.  We have a few more repairs to do before we head south, so we will probably be in George Town for a few more weeks.  Then, we will head southeast towards Turks and Caicos on our way to Dominican Republic.  

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!  We were definitely sad not to see all our family and friends this year, so please come visit us!!

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