George Town in January ~ Michael

After Mamoo’s visit, we mostly just hung out with new friends we met in George Town. We went to the beach with our friends, and one time we found a huge hermit crab. The hermit crab pinched our friend’s fingernail and would not let go. We tried burying it, drowning it, shaking it, hitting it, and finally wiggling it until it came loose. After that we boogie boarded, and the waves were really good.

On New Year’s Eve, we invited all the kid boats over to play on our boat while the dads went fishing. We had a lot of fun wrestling on the inflatable mat, swinging on the Gung Gung swing, paddle boarding, swimming, and jumping off the boat. We played all day at our boat and then went to “Dawn Treader” in the evening for a New Year’s Eve party. We stayed until the fireworks at midnight.

Our friends invited us to the island resort they were staying at (our friends’ dad is a doctor who saved the resort owner’s life, so the owner let them stay at the resort for a few days). The islands is huge, and we played on a large area. It started pouring down rain when we realized we left our hatches open on the boat. The “Akira” crew was nice enough to stop by our boat on the way to the island to close our hatches for us in the rain. There were 10 boat kids there, and we ran all over the island playing tag, darts, ping pong, hide and seek, made movies, and went to the beach. There is a small blue hole near the island, so several of us snorkeled the blue hole even though it was cold and rainy that day. There were a ton of fish, but we were so cold we had to get out quickly.

Our friends (SV Dawn Treader) left a few days later, and some new kid boats came (Britican, Akira, Marvyn, Electra, and Sarina 1). We played on a swing that swung down from the tree at the Chat N’ Chill beach. Our friends built a fort out of branches and a Chat N’ Chill employee yelled at them. The fort is still up today. Our friends decided that they would build a different fort up in a tree. Then, they shoved it off the tree. TIMBER! The log landed on my leg. That day, I learned how to play volleyball. I was not the best.

The weather calmed down enough to leave George Town, so we took the boat on an excursion for fishing. The first day, we caught one medium-sized and one small lobster. Yay, our first lobster! The next day, my dad spotted two. We fished those out and moved to the other side of the reef. I spotted another lobster and Dad got it. We moved on to the next reef. My dad spotted one and I speared it. Then, he saw another one and he got it. At the last reef, I spotted a small one and Dad got it. Then, after a while of searching, we almost gave up when Dad spotted one that was looking at me, and it was big. I went down and speared it, and we had a hard time getting it in the boat. At the end of the day, we had an overflowing bucket of 7 lobster and a rock hind (fish).

We had a lot of fun in George Town playing with all the new kids we met. Almost every day we would meet at the beach after our school work was done to play. There wasn’t a lot of snorkeling or fishing in George Town, but we still had fun with all our friends. ~

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