Leaving George Town (Finally) ~ Katelyn

We finally left George Town on Tuesday after being there for six weeks. It was a calm day, and it was a last minute decision. We got out of George Town early in the morning and headed for Long Island. We left the same day as our friends on “Marvyn” left. We got to Long Island around noon and ate lunch. We stopped by “Marvyn,” and they invited me and Michael to come over. We played on their boat for an hour. After that, we all went to my boat for dinner. We watched a movie and played on our swing.

The next day we went to Tiny’s. At Tiny’s, we asked if we could take down a few coconuts from a palm tree, and Tiny’s said we could. We made a hole in all of them using a conch and a metal stake. We drank the first one, shared the second one with everyone at the restaurant, and gave the third one to the staff. After we finished with the milk, we cracked it open and cut out all the coconut meat. We passed out a piece to everyone and still had a lot left over. We had pretty much made a coconut business. We also helped this one lady get off the dinghy dock. I think she was kind of offended that the only people who helped her were a bunch of kids.

The next day, we left long island and went to Calabash Bay.
At Calabash, we went to a beach that was really pretty. We swam out to a huge sandbar. On the way back to the beach, the current was really strong, so we decided to make a raft and paddle to the sandbar. After a few failed attempts to make a raft, we decided to make a hut. We didn’t finish in time before we had to go.

So far, I like it in Long Island.


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