Conception to Acklins Island ~ Michael


After long island, we left to Conception Island. It is a wildlife preserve and does not allow fishing. We thought it would be full of life. The beach was cool, and there were a ton of cool shells, but of course, we could not keep any. The next day, we went up the river and we saw a lot of jacks and sea turtles. Then, we went reef snorkeling. The reef was dead, but the rock structure was amazing. The coral was 20 feet tall. We didn’t see much but saw a huge tiger grouper (which is a great fish to eat) and a spiny lobster (also really great to eat). We liked Conception, but we were disappointed with the amount of life there.

The next island was Rum Cay, and no, Mom did not like it the best. Fishing is allowed, but we did not catch anything, and I do not recommend fishing there.  We only stayed there one night.

We wanted to make it to Mayaguana from Rum Cay (there is no “your iguana”). It would take 31 hours to go straight there. We headed out and sailed day and night through rough weather.

We decided to stop at Acklins Island instead of going all the way to Mayaguana. The fishing was great. The first day, our friends caught a cero (a type of fish) and gave it to us. Then, I caught three jacks and we had fish dinner. Then, after multiple unsuccessful fishing trips, we caught two lobster and a tiger grouper (really hard to catch and really tasty to eat). I made awesome lurers out of chocolate wrappers that are shiny gold. They did not catch anything except some small grouper and almost a baracuda. The same day, we made a conch horn and found another conch shell that is perfect and ready to be made into a horn. We built a house on the beach out of sand and cracked coconuts open with conch shells and sticks. We went on a hike to a blue hole, but never found it. There was a dark cave filled with bats. We could hear bats squeaking. We shined a flashlight at the roof of the cave and could see lots of small bats in holes. This morning some nice fishermen/builders came by and told us where too fish.

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