Mayaguana to Turks and Caicos ~ Katelyn

We left Acklins and headed to Mayaguana. We had an overnight sail, but no one got sick, luckily. Our buddy-boat, Marvyn, lost their steering, so we had to anchor in the closest anchorage. The anchorage was really rough, so we didn’t plan on staying there long. Once Marvin fixed their steering, We left at about 2:00 pm to another, more protected anchorage . We got to the anchorage later, and there were starfish everywhere. We checked out of the country the next day and got groceries.

We left that day to Turks and Caicos. On the way, we caught a cero mackerel. Then, a tuna bit our hook. We reeled him in as fast as we could, but the shark was faster. We reeled what was left of the tuna on board and even saw the shark swim away! My Dad was so upset. We caught some barracuda, and when we tossed one back, we watched the shark attack the barracuda.

When we arrived at Turks and Caicos, we decided to wait and check in Monday. Later that day, a police boat came and told us we had to check in tomorrow. So, the next day, we took a ride up to Immigration, but no one was there! We waited till Monday to check in. On Monday, we checked in and rented a car. In Turks and Caicos, they drive on the left-side of the road. The steering wheel and all the controls in the car were on the opposite side of the car, so every time Dad tried to turn, he turned the windshield wipers on instead of the blinker. It was funny.

We did a bunch of shopping that day and ate out for lunch. When we were done, we played at the beach. There was a crevice in a rock that we went through. We walked all the way through the crevice and saw three lobster and some fish. We headed back to the boat after that. The next day, we didn’t really do anything except hang around on the boat. After that, we played basketball in the morning. We played on the playground and in a cabana on the beach. The next day, we went shopping with our friends from Marvyn. We went to a marine store first, and then we went to eat lunch at this amazing Greek restaurant. Next, we went to a place and had ice-cream while we used their internet to download books and other things. We did a little souvenir shopping and then took a tour of the island on a very, very, very, very, very, very, very smooth road. Just kidding! It was extremely rough with tons of potholes, but we made it out alive with Mrs. Erin’s great driving. The next few days we just played on the beach and at the basketball court.

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