Turks and Caicos to Dominican Republic ~ Michael

We haven’t typed a blog in a while, I am sorry. We were super busy jumping waterfalls and catching giant tuna and sword fish. Just kidding about the fish, but we did jump waterfalls.

After we left Provo, we went to Big Sand Cay. At the first sight of land, we saw whales. There were two pods of them. They splashed their tails out of the water and blew their spouts. After seeing the whales, a big pod of dolphins started jumping at the bow. We got to shore and explored the beach. There was a ton of good drift wood, and the rock formation was cool. There was a big bird (some kind of hawk) and a ton of lizards. The sand had the perfect texture to dig, so we dug some holes and put the drift wood in so that it was standing up.

The next day, we left the island and we did not see anything except a pod of whales. We had our fishing lines out, but did not catch anything. Once we got to Dominican Republic, we checked in and rested at Luperon Harbor. The water was super cloudy and there was no life. There were birds though, and the mountains were nice.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the marina. There were two puppies that always go there everyday, and they were half a foot long. They were funny. After that, we met a kid boat that had French Canadians that could not speak English. We all went to the waterfalls. There were 27 waterfalls that you walked through, slid down, or jumped, and there was one fall that was 20 feet high. Half of the people did not jump off it. My mom, dad, and I jumped. The rest of the waterfalls were cool but not as fun. One guy ran, jumped, and landed on the scariest slide. We enjoyed the waterfalls so much, we went again when our friends on Pura Vida came (this time, everyone jumped off the high waterfall).

In Dominican Republic, they grow all of their fruits and vegetables and there are so many trucks driving around with fresh food. There are cows walking around on the sidewalk, dogs on roofs, people walking around with machetes, and kids on motorcycles. Everything is cheap, so we stalked up on food. I bought ingredients for cookies and baked some. I sold snicker doodles and inside out chocolate chip cookies (each dozen for $4). I earned $13. We left with our friends on Pura Vida to Samana in Dominican Republic.

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