Samana and Puerto Rico ~ Katelyn

After we left Luperon, we went to Samana. It was an overnight sail and was really good until the fire. When we passed by a giant fire on the coastline, the sea got choppy and was very rough. Once we were around it though, it got super calm.

At Samana, we met up with Britican, who was planning to go to Puerto Rico. We stayed at a really nice marina with two pools. We liked riding up and down the elevator. One day, Katie and I scared our friends on accident and they screamed, so we (the kids) got kicked out of the resort (unless our parents were with us). After that, we started playing in the kid club more often. They had paints, Play Doh, board games, TV, and lots of other things. We also ate out lunch and got pizza!

After a few days at the marina, we left to the nature park. At the park we went to a cave with indian paintings on it. Then, we went to another cave that was just a cave with bats! They squeaked like crazy! The next day, we went to a resort with waterfalls. We went on a little hike and then jumped in the resort pools. There was also a fun water slide and places to jump.

That day, we went back to Samana. The anchorage was too deep, so we stayed there for just long enough to check out of the country. Then, we went to a different anchorage that was rolly. That night, we had everyone over for dinner and had spaghetti. We left late that night for Puerto Rico.

The trip to Puerto Rico was like glass. It was so calm and smooth. We caught a marlin, too. It was so big, but we were able to get it up to the boat before it broke off. We also hooked a mahi, but it was foul hooked and got off before we could get on board. We caught another mahi, and this time we were able to get it on board. We also spotted some pilot whales, and they swam right up to our boat, and we saw a humpback whale off in the distance. It was really neat.

The trip was so long. it took two nights and one day to get there, But we made it! YAY!!! We are in Puerto Rico!

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