Puerto Rico ~ Michael

I haven’t typed a blog in a while. I was too busy catching white marlin and dolphin fish
(literally this time).

We arrived in Puerto Real at night (on the West Coast of Puerto Rico). We anchored outside the marina and then went in the marina in the morning. The marina had a boat’s electric store, a dive store, and a fishing store. After making a few skirt lures, I decided to sell lures. I made pink, blue, green, and purple. I immediately sold 6.

Then, I was going to make a lure with can tops and then decided to use it as money for kids. It started to get serious and all the kids started their own businesses. My dad saw the potential and started to make the kids do chores for him (he has his own kid mafia) for payment in can tops. We called our new currency “doops.” Later, we found out that “dupe” means to trick someone.

We left the boat at the marina and went to Old San Juan for a night, explored the forts, and restocked on fishing stuff at West Marine.

When we got back to the boat, we went to the next harbor in Puerto Rico which was Boqueron. We did absolutely nothing there, so I guess I am done with this paragraph.

The next harbor was Ponce, and it was very industrial. We went into town and stocked up on provisions and ate out.

We left Ponce and went to Isla Caja De Muertos, also known as “Coffin Island.” It had a light house and a hike there. We took the hike and half way there was a pile of cactus. There were places where there were no thorns so it was possible to carefully climb over. Seven cactus piles later, we gave up with only thee thorns stuck in us. We tried going another way that was more brushy but less cactus. Once dad navigated to the top of the hill, he found out the light house was off limits. That day we snorkeled at a cool place with awesome coral. It was amazing.

We decided to clean the boat hull, and a huge sucker fish ate the algae we scraped off the boat. Once we got out of the water, we had isopods attached to us and skeleton shrimp in our hair.

So far, Puerto Rico has not been my favorite place.

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