Salinas to Culebra, PR ~ Katelyn

IMG_7707After Isla Caja De Muertos we went to Salinas. In Salinas, we met up with some of our friends from Corpus who were in Puerto Rico at the time. We played on the wrestling mat and on our swing, and we ate a lot of candy. They stayed for about five hours and then headed back to their place. We stayed one more day in Salinas, but we couldn’t stand the loud music the locals played, so we left.

We went to Green Beach in Vieques and paddle boarded around while Michael and Dad speared fish. The boys came back later with a hogfish. The next day Michael and Mom went spear fishing and came back with a small snapper. We left the next day for Bio Bay. We tried to anchor outside Bio Bay but it was too rough and there was reef all around us, so we decided to go to a different anchorage. We went to a nice place with a sandy beach for the night. Mikey, Mom, and Dad went ashore and walked around for a bit. We left the next day for a good snorkeling spot, but it was way too rough, so we decided to go to Culebra.

We left to Culebra and anchored close to town. We went into town to check it out, and ended up buying a spear gun and some souvenirs. We ate dinner at a place called Mama Cita’s and there were so many tarpon. The next day we left to Tamarind on the western side of Culebra. We met up with some people and snorkeled. Then, everyone came on our boat for a while. We left the next morning for Culabrita. In Culabrita, it was really hectic, and there was a lot of boats so we decided to head back to Culebra. We grabbed a mooring ball and went to a sandbar to swim and hang out. We came back to the boat and some people came over for a little bit and talked. We left the next day for St. Thomas.

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