St Thomas and St John ~ Michael

This week we had a guest. We arrived in St Thomas a few days before we had to pick her up, so we went to Christmas Cove. This was one of our favorite places from our charter trip last year.  Last time we saw everything there (all kinds of spectacular marine life). This time we tried to see everything, but it was a little less lively. We met up with all of our friends again, only to leave to pick up Mamoo (our really nice grandma). We picked her up along with the stuff she brought for us (if you want to visit our boat, you will have to take along a few parts for us).

The next few anchorages were filled with big, edible fish and lobster that were teasing me for not being able to get them (because we were in a marine park and were not allowed to fish). We saw sea turtles who didn’t mind if we swam right up to them.  We went on a few hikes around Saint John.

We stoped at a small anchorage to rest from sailing because we did not want to sail all day. My sister and I got the swing out, and as we took the shackle off the life line, it fell in the water. Dad and I had to dive for it the next day.  Luckily, we were able to find the shackle. The next morning we left for Honeymoon Beach. This place was better known for the town than the water. The town had multiple restaurants that we visited. One of the bars had swings hanging from the roof. They also had the best food in town for its price. We also got ice cream. The next day Mamoo had to go, so we went to the ferry and dropped off Mamoo.

Then we got the best empanada in the world. The End  ( :

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