Antigua ~ Michael

After Montserrat we headed to a more cheerful place, Antigua. On the way there we tried to fish, but there was a ton of seaweed. Our neighbor-boat set a competition for who could catch the biggest fish. We tried, but every time we let out our lines, a batch of seaweed would get hooked on our lures. One time we brought out an old lure that was just collecting dust and let it out. It was a foot long and all green. Ten minutes after, a big fish must’ve gobbled it down because it almost spooled our rod, and it did snap the lure. The lure must’ve been so old that the line was weak. After that, our competitor caught a 2.5 foot mahi mahi. 

Finally, we arrived at 6 o’clock.  We moored just as the sun was setting. The next morning we got up out of bed and looked outside. There was a huge pirate ship docked that had those pirate crows nests that always seem so cool to climb. We ate breakfast and went to customs and immigration to check into the country. 

The next morning we went on a tour around the island. Our friends had already been here, so they wanted to visit their donkey they “adopted.” This place is an animal shelter for cats, dogs, and donkeys. The cats and dogs lived in jail with iron bars and prison guards. The donkeys on the other hand live in a 50 meter by 50 meter fenced in field. You were allowed to pet and brush them. We also found out that the donkey that our friends adopted was still up for adoption (costs $10 and you can’t take in out of the pen). Seven people own this donkey and they pay 10 dollars. I thought that was a scam. After my sister adopted one, we headed off to a marine boating store. 

I thought every thing was super expensive because it was in EC which is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (three EC = 1 US Dollar). The girls headed out on a hike while we were at the store (I needed some fishing gear for my fishing lure business). We headed back and relaxed at the boat. 

The next morning we signed up for a mini sailboat sailing class. The instructor did not arrive, and we waited half an hour. Then we left the harbor and traveled to the next island.

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