Monserrat ~ Katelyn

Have you ever been on a volcanic island? Monserrat is one of the many volcanic islands in the world. It also erupted not too many years ago.

We were staying in St.Kitts, another volcanic island, when we got sick of the loud music. We headed towards the island of Monserrat. Once there, we realized the anchorage was like riding a rollercoaster . We saw our friends Britican tipping almost all the way over. We had to get pretty close to the beach to avoid the swell. Once we found a sandy patch, we noticed tuna jumping out of the water. There were tons of tuna. My dad went to go check in, so we would be allowed to fish, but the tuna were all gone by the time he got back.  That day, Michael and I had to finish our school while my dad went to have a drink with our friends from Vela. The next day our friends Britican (a.k.a. Sausage Time) stopped by, and we went with them on a tour of Monserrat. Britican has a YouTube channel.

When we arrived at the dock, we noticed all the cool fish swimming just two feet away. There were tiny little reef fish everywhere. We waited for our guide, and when he showed up, we all had to cram in the back. To make it worse, my dad had to sit in the back with us. We drove around for about an hour as our guide pointed to places and said, “You won’t believe me, but there used to be house there! The volcanic ash made the plants grow like crazy, so you can’t see it!” Finally, we went to a viewing area of the volcano. We came inside the viewing area and watched a movie about the volcano. Apparently, the volcano had never shown any signs of erupting until 1995. It started smoking a little bit, and the people of Monserrat got worried. Some scientists came to study the volcano and said it was going to erupt soon. The people of Monserrat had to evacuate. Since then, most of the people have not come back. Right now, they are trying to get more people to move onto the island. Before the eruption, 12,000 people lived on the island. Now, only 5,000 do. Most people flew to England. 

After the movie, we headed towards the old town of Soufriere. We drove around the old town, but unfortunately, we could not walk around. We saw five story buildings half way sunk into ash. We saw roofs in the ground. After the old town, we headed back to the boats and got ready to leave for Antigua. Once we picked up our anchor, Rondo and Britican headed out for Antigua. We talked to Pura Vida on the radio trying to get them to come with us, but they hadn’t seen Monserrat yet and really wanted to. Then, we said goodbye, but we were positive that we would see them in a  week or so in Guadeloupe, the first French island. We headed out to Antigua in very rough seas with our boat slamming into the waves.   

Katelyn Blaine.

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