Dominica ~ Michael

 After Ile Des Saintes, we traveled to Dominica. We were just passing Terre de Haut when we started fishing. I let out the line and a minute later we hooked a tuna.  We brought it in and put it in the bucket. That night we invited everyone over for sushi rolls. While we were eating sushi, a man on a paddle board came by and sold us some small rock hard mangoes. We only bought them because he looked like he could use help.

We caught our first edible tuna on our way to Dominica. We made sushi rolls that were

The next day we met a boat called Love and Luck which had 3 kids aboard. We met them on a beach and were having fun until a 40-year-old man offered us weed and went on and on about his weed. He was attracted to the older girl that lived on Love and Luck. He sang a song to her and asked her parents if he could live with her. The dad said no and they left. After they quickly left, he asked us if he had a chance with her. We were worried he would swim to our boat the whole day.

The next day we took a tour throughout Dominica. We went through a river that made a crack in the ground (a gorge where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean).  It was very pretty. It was not worth a tour guide because all he showed us was how we could walk under the small waterfall. After that, we got scammed at a restaurant with each meal costing $20. They did not give us menus, which was unfair. We visited other stuff too, like a natural hot tub, a hot water stream, and volcanic steam vents. Everyone did not enjoy the end because they were upset that they got scammed. After that scam, we decided we didn’t like the island and left quickly.

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