Martinique ~ Katelyn

After we left Dominica, we headed towards our second French island, Martinique. After Guadeloupe, we were really craving more chocolate croissants, muffins, baguettes, and donuts. We could not wait for more sweets. 

When we got close to the harbor, at least one hundred dolphins greeted us. We had never seen so many dolphins in our lives. The dolphins, apparently, were very popular in Martinique. We even saw a video from our friends aboard Vela of dolphins doing flips. We did not see them flip, but we did see them jump super high in the air. Once we got into the bay, we had a hard time finding a place to anchor. We found a place and got settled while my dad went to go check the anchor. We anchored on sea grass, so we had to redo the anchor. We anchored right behind Pura Vida, and they checked our anchor for us. While getting ready to go snorkeling, we heard a rumor that a teenaged boy was in the anchorage.  Unfortunately, we didn’t know what boat he was on, so we went ahead and snorkeled. Katie Grace, Sienna, and I didn’t feel like snorkeling, so we stayed on Rondo with Ansley and my mom. We liked jumping off the front of the boat and swimming in between the two hulls, so we did that a lot. When the boys came back, we saw a dinghy that looked like there was a teen in it. We waved them over, and Michael and he jumped off the boat and swung on the gung gung swing. While they were there, we decided that we would all go out for dinner. The boys went out to go fishing before dinner. 

While in town, we thought it looked much spookier at night than during the day. There were some people dressed in black and wearing coats. We are in the Caribbean! Its never cold! When we found a restaurant, we got a big table and ordered our food. Michael was feeling exotic and got shark fin. The parents found a soda called loco cola and ordered it for all the kids. It was too late before they realized they got coca cola for everyone. We were all energized and crazy (especially Sienna who had never had coke before – she was super crazy). We had a fun night at the restaurant and then headed home for bed. 

Next day, we needed to stock up on groceries. We went into town with everyone and got chocolate croissants and donuts and juice ( no dessert for me that night), and then we went to look for a rental car place. It was taking forever, so the moms took us out for ice cream while the dads rented a car (YAY MORE SWEETS). Once the dads got the car, we headed out for the great mall of Martinique. We stopped by a marine store for us to get a new fishing net. Lucky for the kids, there were roller skates that you could try on. We all got a pair and roller skated around the shop. After spending an hour there, we were getting hungry ( the kids weren’t since we just had ice cream), so the adults let the kids pick where to go. The majority rules, so we went to McDonalds (at that point, I was about to cry so we could go somewhere else – I hate McDonalds).  While we were at “McDonalds,” I ate a happy meal – it tasted like plastic. I got cheap binoculars, so apparently, I got plastic toys and plastic food. Once we were done, we went to the mall to get groceries. The grocery store was the biggest I have ever seen in my life ( though a quarter of it was wine). They had tons of different food and anything you could possibly need. After we got all our stuff, we headed back towards the boat. It took a long time to get back because the traffic was unbelievable. We loaded all the stuff into the dinghy and went back for a rest night. The next day, we went to go get our breakfast in the bakery then headed out for St. Lucia. 

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