St. Lucia ~ Katelyn

When we arrived in St. Lucia around lunch time, we headed into Rodney Bay Marina.  We heard from Britican that there was a pool with lots of restaurants around it. All the kids swam in the pool. The adults went to go have drinks for a while, and then we decided to walk around town. We found a nice place to eat and got some cheeseburgers with dessert. The adults insisted on going to another bar, and we found one that was doing Karaoke. The kids did a few songs, and then we played on this big playground right next door. It was the first playground with a seesaw, merry-go-round, and more than three slides. We had an awesome time running around. 

Sunset at Rodney Bay

The next day, Simon wanted to go to Marigot Bay. It was his birthday, so we did whatever he wanted. All the kids came on Rondo for the short trip. When we got back, I decided to make Simon cookies for his birthday. Katie Grace and Sienna wanted to help, so we made double chocolate chip cookies. When we were done, we headed into Marigo Bay Resort. Rodney Bay was supposed to have a nice pool, Marigo Bay was supposed to have an even nicer one. We all swam in the pool with the adults and played monkey in the middle. We enjoyed some milkshakes in celebration of Simon. Later that night, the adults went to go have dinner while the kids stayed on the boat. When the adults got back, we had cake and cookies and played twister on the trampoline. The twister game evolved into a pushing and throwing people in the water. Everyone but me and the moms got wet. 

The next day we stayed in Marigot Bay. We swam at the resort and got ice cream. We went to Rodney Bay after that. We saw an inflatable obstacle course like the one in St. Kitts. All the kids and my mom headed out to go do some obstacles. It was much bigger than the one in St. Kitts, so we had a lot more fun. The only thing we did not like, was that we had to wear life jackets. We did obstacles like the blob, rope wall, trampoline, swinging across, monkey bars, etc. We had a blast.

IMG_8666We stayed in Rodney Bay and Marigot back and forth just relaxing in the pools. We wanted something else to do, so we decided to climb the Petit Piton. Most locals said it was a hard hike that we needed a guide for, but do-able. Some locals said it was impossible and that only the best could do it. So, my dad asked a guy that worked on our boat to be our guide. He told my dad that it was a hard hike and that he did not think that I could do it. I didn’t really want to do it either, so Ansley said she would take me, Katie Grace, and Sienna to rent a car and go see the island. 

While we went to rent a car, the Piton group had an accident with Simon’s camera. His water bottle opened in his backpack and ruined his nice camera, so he was too upset to go. It was now only Michael, Heyward, Little Heyward, my mom, my dad, and our friend Douwe. The girls got a small car and headed toward the city. It was very crowded. We had Subway for lunch and then headed out for the waterfalls and hot springs of St. Lucia. The waterfalls were very nice, and the hot springs were fun to swim in. We also saw a botanical garden with tons of different types of plants that grow on the island. It was beautiful. 

On the way back, we stopped at a viewing point to look at the two pitons. One gradual grassy piton, and one tall, steep, rocky piton. Guess witch one they were climbing. On the way back we turned a corner and I’m not sure what happened, but the car fell sideways in a ditch. It was very sudden. Everyone was freaking out except for Ansley. We got out of the car ( which was kind of hard since it was sideways), and these very nice people offered to let us borrow their phone. We called the car rental place, and they picked us up and dropped us off at Marigot Bay.

We went out for dinner, and my mom dropped our credit card in between to planks of wood on the floor. We joked about how each family had bad luck that day, camera, car, and credit card. They also all started with a “c.” We stayed there a couple more days, and then we headed out with Britican to St. Vincent. Pura Vida had to stay behind to pick up someone and to finish settling the rental car accident.

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