St. Vincent & the Grenadines ~ Katelyn

After we left St. Lucia with Britican, we headed toward St. Vincent. When we got there, five different people came rowing up to us on homemade kayaks. They helped us find a good place to anchor and then helped us check into the country. Two boys came by our boat and asked for food and fishing line. We gave them big candy bars and Cokes. They were pretty happy with those. We bought some delicious bread from another guy and passion fruit from another. We stayed there for the night and left for another anchorage the next day. We did a Med-mooring, which is where you drop your anchor and back up to shore to tie a rope around a tree on shore. We  were so close to Britican that all we had to do was jump in the water and we were there. We all swam and played catch. By catch, I mean the dads throw a ball in the air and the kids jump off the boat and try to catch it mid-air. We had dinner on Britican that night. The next day, we went to take a tour  of some waterfalls. We took two different vans. We saw nice views of the island on the way. While we were hiking, our guide told us about all different types of plants on the island. He even showed us one that was sensitive to the touch. If you touched it the leaves would close up. It was amazing. When we got to the waterfall, we swam in the freezing water. After a couple of days, we decided to leave St. Vincent. 

We headed toward Bequia, where there was supposed to be clear water. When we got there, we noticed other kids. We played with them and met other kid boats too. The next day, there were 8 kid boats in the area. All the kids got together on the beach and played infection, tag, monkey in the middle, Marco Polo, etc. We found a rock we could jump off of and then the parents had a BBQ on the beach. We all had a blast. Since their were two Siennas, we called the one from Britican “The Little Sausage.” We stayed in Bequia for a week playing with all the kid boats. 

After we left Bequia, we headed for Grenada. We stayed in Grenada for three nights while we played with kids. Then we left with Pura Vida to Trinidad and Tobago.

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