Trinidad ~ Katelyn

We arrived in Trinidad early morning after a nice, easy sail. We waited for Pura Vida to come in, so we could check in together. We checked in and then ate breakfast together at a cafe right next door. It was the first time in months that I had waffles. We had a quite day resting from the long passage. The next day we took it easy again.

IMG_8948Then, we invited Heyward and Katie to come with us to an abandoned leper colony. We got there at about 10:00 am and played on the paddle boards. We watched movies and did the gung gung swing. We had lots of fun. The next day we left and headed back. In two days Pura Vida was going to head back to the States so we invited them to come for dinner. While we were playing, Hayward fell through a hatch.

The next day, we did nothing except work. Pura Vida left the next day. We took out the port side air conditioner and fixed the salon one that day. We were going to haul out in a few days so we needed to be ready. We did lots of work and then hauled our boat out at Peake’s. It looked so weird when it was being lifted out of the water. We had decided to stay on the boat while it was on the hard and had an air conditioner installed, so we wouldn’t die. We had to walk a mile to go to the restroom. We worked for two weeks and picked mangos off the mango trees and roller skated. We were ready to head for the States.

After we got back from the States, Pura Vida was already back. We played with them at Peake’s and had lots of fun. We met a new kid, Keanu, and played with him too. The next few days we played and worked. Then, it was Katie’s birthday so we were going to celebrate at a restaurant. While Katie, Michael, and I were walking towards the restaurant alone, the masts and rigging started shaking. I thought it was a gust of wind until the ground started shaking too. We ran in the middle of the boatyard road with our hands over heads aware that an earthquake was happening. We watched as stilts that were holding boats up started to fall down. When we thought it was over, Katie and I started running, trying to find our parents. As we were running, the ground started shaking again, and we wiped out. When we were sure it was over, we got up and found our parents. My heart was racing, and I didn’t trust the earth anymore.  The restaurant that we were going to was damaged and had moved a whole inch forward. The side walk at Peake was cracked open. We decided to have dinner on Rondo. Katie and Heyward slept over that night.

We stayed in Trinidad just working, playing , eating, and sleeping. Then Pura Vida decided to leave. We had to wait for our freezer to be fixed, so we would be a few days behind them. Then, we finally fixed our freezer. We were also getting new anchor chain, and then we could leave. Michael and I were staying on our boat while Mom and Dad got the chain. While we were on the boat, a storm came. We heard a really loud clap of thunder and smelled smoke. We looked around and saw that a boat next to us had been struck by lightening. All of our instruments were fried. We waited two more weeks for parts and got our rigging replaced. Then we left Trinidad, finally after 4 months!