Grenada ~ Michael

After Trinidad, we headed for Grenada. We caught a barracuda on the way there. Once we arrived we met up with our boat friends from Florida. We where supposed to meet in Bimini (the first island of the Bahamas), but they got delayed over and over again and got to Grenada after we were already in Trinidad. We stayed there for a wile playing board games and paddle boarding.

Our friends from Dallas

After spending a couple of days with them, we went to another by to meet up with some other friends. We played at the boat while the parents went to a different boat. We played a board game that I made in the BVI. While the parents where at the other boat (Britican), I caught 2 snapper.

Mikey getting ready to jump off a pretend sunken mast at a nearby marina.

After a few days, we headed back to Prickly Bay for a Halloween party.  There were over 50 boat kids at the party.  I dressed up as a unicorn again, and Katelyn made a costume that looked like she was beheaded and carrying her head around.  After a party on the beach, all the kids traveled in dinghies from boat to boat trick-or-treating.  Then, all the kids played on our boat while the adults were on the next boat.  It was a lot of fun.

The next morning, we headed for St. George. We went to town and we stopped at a fruit stand that sold all local fruit. After that, we went to the fish market. That had barracuda, black fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, rainbow runner, snapper, shark, grouper, and creveli jack. We didn’t get any because we promised dinner with an old friend.  The next day we went to the Rhonde island.

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