Trinidad ~ Michael

After Grenada, we arrived at Trinidad and Tobago. We headed in and there was a weird current pulling us in the channel. At the same time, millions of pelicans were diving in the water and catching fish. I begged my mom to let me fish but she was too tired and it was 6 in the morning. We came in and got a mooring ball. 

IMG_8948The next week went on the hard which means we got pulled out of the water and put on land. Here, we can do all the repairs we need. Every morning, I collected mangos. I would eat 4 mangos a day for breakfast. We stayed for a couple of weeks and then got in a plane and went to America to see our family. Katelyn will write about the trip in the next blog. 

Rondo on the hard

Once we got back, we started to get back to work. We started our home school, painted the boat, got new sails, and fixed a whole bunch of other small stuff. Our two friend boats that had been traveling with us arrived, and we were back together again. 

After we got back in the water, we got sick of Chaugaramas (the harbor we were in) and went to Scotland Bay. I caught loads of fish, and I cooked it too. We have been traveling back and forth between the harbors to get a break. 

Mike being pulled on the paddle board by a friend

We took a tour through Port of Spain. After that, we got struck by lightning and we had to stay for a while longer replacing all our electronic equipment.

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