Bonaire ~ Michael

Mikey caught several fish on the way to Bonaire

Once we left Bequia, we put out some fishing lines. The first thing we caught were two small jacks. After that, a squall came and ripped a small whole in our spinnaker sail. It took a lot of work to get it down. Then, a huge wahoo bit our lure. It jumped out of the water, and it looked bigger than me! Unfortunately, it got off, and we lost the fish. The next day we caught another jack. The day after that a huge fish, bigger than the last, bit our big lure. It could have been a blue marlin, a bluefin tuna, or a swordfish. Finally, we caught 2 mahi mahi just before we got to Bonaire.

GLTXvybaTTaO+U5EMUkzXwIt was Katelyn’s birthday. We met ten new kids. Our grandma came to visit while we studied to get certified for scuba diving. She stayed for 1 week. We rented a car and drove to the other side of the island. I rode in the back of the truck. We had a picnic, and the iguanas ate some of our food.  Also, I found a ten dollar bill under a rock. No one was anywhere near us, so I kept it. Once Mamoo left, we got certified for diving. A day of diving went by, and then we left.

Having lunch in the south part of Bonaire

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