Klein Curacao & Aruba ~ Katelyn

IMG_9882After leaving Bonaire with our friends La Nature, we went to Klein Curacao. When we got there, we noticed it looked a lot like Bonaire. It had a deep ledge around the island, and the island was flat and sandy. We played with our friends at the beach while all the parents hiked to the two shipwrecks and the light house. Klein Curacao was uninhabited (unless you count tourists who are always on the island) and very quite on certain parts of the beach. We had dinner together on our boat that night.

IMG_9922The next day, we went snorkeling around the deep drop off. We saw lots of flounder and barracuda. Just swimming to the beach we saw rays, an octopus, puffers, and more. We went hiking with just the kids to see the lighthouse and wrecks that afternoon. We walked all the way to the top of the lighthouse, instead of finding spiders crawling on the abandoned walls of the lighthouse, we found hermit crabs clinging to the walls. We hiked to the tanker that crashed on the rocks and saw basically a giant piece of rusted metal. We hiked to the other small sailboat and climbed around in it. A dog followed us back to the beach and sat in the water while we played monkey in the middle. Michael felt bad for him and threw our only skip ball in front of him. He stared at it like he couldn’t believe his eyes, then grabbed it and took off running. He ran all the way to the other side of the island, which is about a mile or two, while Michael was chasing him. Michael finally got it back, and we left that evening for Aruba. We skipped Curacao because we heard there was a lot of crime there. 

IMG_9924It was an overnighter, and we were exhausted when we finally made it to Aruba. We had to dock at the customs dock so we made our way over there. Once we got there, it started raining. The wind picked up and one of our lines came loose while we were trying to dock. We raked against the dock and scratched our boat pretty badly. After we left the dock, we met up with our friends Ohana and La Nature and played on the beach. The next day, we did school and played board games on our boat with everyone. We ended up having dinner on La Nature and I accidentally dropped a fork in the water. The next day, Michael and I went to look for the fork under their boat. We found it and then played with La Nature on the mat. We decided to go to a big inflatable park with them for an hour. We had lots of fun. They gave us an extra hour for free for some reason.

IMG_9969The next day, we went to the customs dock to clear out. We docked well this time and cleared out. We went back to the anchorage to wait for all our friends to clear out. Once everyone was officially checked out of Aruba, we headed towards Columbia, South America!

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