Panama ~ Michael

IMG_1324Once upon a time, the Blane family crossed the Panama Canal. They had  not much trouble, but they still had a very big journey ahead . They decided to wait wile they got repairs and provisions. The young boy was fascinated by the new life on the other side.

Katelyn swinging while we sail in Las Perlas

That morning they set sail and headed for the Las Paralas islands. Whale ahoy, a small pod of whales surfaced for a breath of air. Later that day, they arrived  in a small bay to spend the night. They dropped thy anchor and prepared dinner. By midday they pulled up the anchor and set sail for a yet smaller island. The father and the young boy explored the water attempting to catch supper. Yet unsuccessful, they decided on some preserved meat in storage.

Island in Las Perlas, Panama

By sunrise they pulled up anchor and set their sails once again. Finally they caught supper. It was a Spanish mackerel  that was quite large for its kind. They pulled it onto the stern of the boat. While heading back, the young boy prepared the meat for supper. They dropped sail and  released anchor at a small town to get more provisions. The young boy started fishing and had multiple strikes and finally realized that they weren’t fish but rays.

Mikey with a Spanish mackerel

The mother prepared supper and the next day headed to the mouth of a river. There they headed up the river to explore. The young girl was rather frightened from tales of crocodiles. At sunset the young boy and his father traveled up the river in hope of fish. The boy caught a decent-sized fish and also purchased a couple fish from local fishermen.

It was finally time to travel back. They obtained some more provisions and traveled to an easier place to get repairs. There were some other boats who had kids, so they played meanwhile the adults had to make repairs and obtain parts and provision.


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