Isabela ~ Katelyn

After leaving Santa Cruz, we set course for Isabela, the last island in the Galapagos. When we got there, we saw sea lions and penguins almost immediately. The penguins are the only type to live so close to the equator. They are also the smallest type alive and there are only a few thousand left, due to not enough food in the Galapagos. We were boarded by some officials and went into town with them to see Isabela. The first day, we walked on a path that was flooded with water. We saw an octopus crawling on the wooden planks and it got really close to my dad’s feet.  We had to jump over sea lions to get to the end, which was scary since they growled at you whenever you got to close. We saw some marine iguanas swimming and they looked like snakes, waving their tales back and forth, slithering across the top of the water. 

The third day, our family and two people from another boat went on a volcano hike. It was the biggest volcano I had ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of volcano’s. It was a hard and steep hike, but it was definitely worth it. I wouldn’t know how to describe what it looked like, so its a good thing my mom took lots of pictures. It took almost eight hours, and our legs were like jelly afterwards. Our parents complained about how hard the walk was more than the kids, and we ran down the mountain. 

We also went on another tour called “the tunnels.” We had a forty-five minute boat ride and saw huge manta rays jump out of the water. We also saw some sea lions on the way. The tunnels were really cool, with lots of blue footed boobies, and sharks. We saw some turtles too. After we walked on the tunnels for a little bit, we swam in them. We saw tons of turtles, sharks, and even two eels. It was really cool.

We spent a few days doing very little, just going into town. At night, we would put our hammock right above the water and place a light right by it. Sharks and sea lions would come to eat the small bait fish that were attracted to the light. We even had a pelican or two. Some penguins would come and there was always pufferfish. I was always scared the sea lion would bite me, I was so close. I even got a foot away from a penguin at one point. 

After a few days of this, we stocked up and prepared to cross the Pacific. When we were fully stocked up, we picked up anchor and headed out. Only minutes away from leaving, my dad spotted a spear fish jumping out of the water. I came outside to look, and saw a huge whale shark only five feet from our boat. It was almost as big as our boat, and was swimming at the top of the water.  It was so huge, I thought we were running over a reef. Michael saw it pretty good, but my parents came later and only saw the tail.

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