San Cristobal ~ Katelyn

We came into San Cristobal’s bay at ten in the morning. We were boarded by ten people who checked our boat pretty thoroughly. Luckily, nothing was confiscated, but our friends on Aghavni lost some passion fruit. We would have gone into town immediately, but we had to build our sea lion barriers. We were told that they made quite a mess (later proved to be true) and that they would climb onto your boat at night.

After we built our barriers, we took a water taxi to shore. You were not allowed to use your dinghy, so we had to pay four dollars every time we went to and from shore. We saw so many sea lions it was unbelievable. We watched them jump four feet out of the water and realized our barriers wouldn’t be sufficient. The sea lions reminded all of us of water dogs: they have whiskers, they bark, they play with each other, and they growl (mainly at us). We were so tempted to snuggle with them until they showed their teeth and started growling. One time, while we were walking, a sea lion started chasing my dad. While sea lions are slow on land, they are as fast as lightning in the water. It was incredible how fast they could swim. 

The first time we stepped ashore, we saw a blue footed booby, a marine iguana, a sea lion, a lava lizard, and multiple crabs right next to each other. In just a few minutes of being there, we saw five different types of animals. That night, we had dinner at a sushi restaurant with our friends on Aghavni. The next day we went hiking and snorkeling. We saw frigate birds, turtles, marine iguanas, sea lions, and lots of little reef fish. We had a little visitor on our boat that night, and he made a big mess. We adjusted our barriers so they could get on the back of our boat but no farther. Every time we went outside we would hear our “pet” growl at us. We recognized him every time by the scar on his face (I tried to name him Will, but everyone else just called him Scar-Face).

One day, we went to go see the giant Galapagos Tortoises. They were so big, I could ride them. They were so familiar in a way, and I spent hours trying to remember where I had seen something like this before. Then it hit me, my parents! They were exactly like my parents, unbelievably slow and they ate constantly. We walked around the reserve and saw baby giant tortoises the size of my hand. Hard to believe they would become as big as me. The next day, we went to a beach and snorkeled with our friends on Seahorse. We saw some sea turtles and reef fish. The next day, we left San Cristobal and started towards Santa Cruz.

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