Santa Cruz ~ Michael

On the way to Santa Cruse we first spotted dolphins.

We saw tons of them and they were huge. After that we saw brown things in the water. I said they were sea lions but no one believed me. It turned out they where sea lions. Thousands of sea lions and dolphins surrounded our boat.

Once we got there, we thought to see penguins, sea lions, or seals, but there was nothing. We went into town to get groceries and meet our friends. That night we ate at a seafood restaurant that put all of their tables in the middle of the street.

They had a lot of weird fish on the table. We ate a half of a skipjack tuna and a couple slipper lobsters. After that we went to eat a few more times at that place and tried some desserts they served. We also went to some lava tunnels, about 60 meters long each (just short tunnels). We also saw some tortoises. We also saw some volcanic craters. After that we left to the next island not seeing much else.

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