Crossing the Pacific ~

After our time in  the Galapagos, we left for French Polynesia. The first sign of life was a huge whale shark that Katelyn spotted first. Then, we saw a huge pod of dolphins, so large you could see them for miles. The next few days we did not see much, but then we started getting bites on our fishing lures.

After some unsuccessful fishing, I made my own lures with epoxy resin and silicone molds. The next day we hooked two fish at a time. They were 2’ long. Kay caught the one she reeled in. The one I reeled in fell off. A couple days later we hooked a marlin, but it got off. Then we caught a mahi big enough for two people. Later we hooked a short bill spearfish, but it slid back in the water before we gaffed it. After that we caught another spearfish and kept it. We filled our freezer. A few days later we hooked two giant yellow fin tuna simultaneously. One got off; the other jam-packed our freezer and filled our tummies. We caught a skipjack and bigeye tuna the next few days and arrived in French Polynesia. As we came in, it was a little rainy and foggy, but it was the coolest island yet.

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