Hiva Oa ~ Katelyn

We left for Hiva Oa early in the morning and arrived in the late afternoon. We spent an hour looking for a good spot to anchor that we never found. We eventually gave up and anchored in a really rocky place. Every time we got our dingy in the water it would hit the boat –  it was a really stressful place.  It took us two days to check in to the country. We had to take a cramped car to go to Customs and Immigration with three other families in it. 

There probably was only one good thing about Hiva Oa, their grocery stores. Completely out of flour and eggs, we were happy to walk the two miles under the hot sun to get some more. We actually found a lot of things you normally wouldn’t see in the middle of nowhere. 

One night we had dinner at a fancy pizza restaurant and got really good wifi and we were able to download lots of things. We didn’t do anything fun in Hiva Oa, but we were able to restock and download books and other things (If anyone is planning to go there, don’t, unless it’s a necessity). Finally done with what we needed to do, we headed off for Tahuata, where we spent three hours anchoring and pulled up a giant piece of coral that was attached to our anchor (fun times ;-). 

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