Tahuata and Nuku Hiva ~ Michael


We first where welcomed by a manta ray. We dropped anchor at Tahuata. This was one of the coolest anchorages. Our friends where anchored here as well. The next morning we snorkeled and saw lots of big fish and sharks. That night we celebrated my birthday by inflating a mat to wrestle on. We ate spearfish and set the green underwater night light out. We saw weird stuff! First there were a few fish, and then there where thousands.  Then, there was a box jelly, and then there where thousands.  Then, there where some snapper, and then there where thousands.

The next morning, we went to the beach and boogie boarded. We also went fishing in the dingy and did not catch anything. As we were heading back, dolphins came and jumped right in front of the boat.

We left the next morning to go to Nuku Hiva. We anchored and met our friends from the other boats. We explored the island and went shopping. The girls went to a local Polynesian dancing class while the boys and I played basketball. We also took a hike up a mountain, and two dogs followed us the whole way. The dogs chased every chicken we saw.  The other day, we had to pry a chick out of the dog’s mouth, and after that it ate a whole chicken.

The last day we put the mat in the water and wrestled on it again and boogie boarded. After that we left. 

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