Makemo ~ Michael

Mike and Mikey going to snorkel the pass at Raroia

We traveled to Raroia’s pass to snorkel before we left the atoll,  but we could not anchor near the pass. While my mom and Katelyn stayed on the big boat to drift, my dad and I  went in the dingy to snorkel the pass. There were no grouper but there were snapper and humphead wrasse everywhere. We also saw two large tuna about 3 feet long. After that, there were about four million flies on the big boat, which was a project to clean up. We went to the next island, Makemo. On Makemo there were no crabs to eat, but there were tons of grouper. We immediately had enough for a meal and made another fire on the beach. At the beach we made a large hut out of palms and sticks. We did some spear fishing (with a real spear gun this time) and caught some fish.

We also went to the next place which had a pass. We snorkeled the pass and did some fishing. We also looked for lobster but there was none. It was night and all the eels came to the shore, and all the fish were sleeping. We also saw a crown of thorns sea star. The next morning we left.

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