Tahanea ~ Michael

While leaving the Makemo pass, we saw birds working in the distance. My mom said that we always see birds and nothing ever happens. Dad thought mom was crazy.  We started getting closer, and there were more and more birds. Once we got there, we saw lots of oceanic white tip sharks. They were all longer than me. Then we saw yellow fin tuna jumping in every direction. There were thousands of tuna. A huge whale shark came, so we reeled in the lines to avoid it getting caught on the shark. When we got one line in, it had a tuna on it. The whale shark came about a foot away from hitting our rudder and damaging our boat. While it was close, we put a mask on and stuck our head in the water to get a closer look at the shark.  Once the shark left, we set our lines out, but all the fish were gone. We only got a few bites on our lures after that. Now, we have no hard lures left.

Once we got to Tahanea, we anchored and everyone except me snorkeled the pass while I spearfished on the beach. Over the next few days, we just relaxed and spearfished. We had a shark come up to our boat that was a sickle fin lemon shark. It stayed around our boat all day. We ate some grapefruit. I usually take out my retainers and put them on my plate and then peel the fruit and discard it in the ocean. I did that again, except this time, I forgot to take my retainers off my plate. I noticed them falling off my plate and immediately jumped in after them. I got one but could not see well underwater. I got goggles on and got in, and the shark was there. It was bigger than me. My dad said I could not swim with him. We tried later but could not find them. After that, we realized that the shark was nice (Bob the shark). He is the friendly anchorage shark that visits each boat for a few hours.

I made a lure the next day, and it worked really well. I immediately lost it the next day by a fish taking it under a rock. I was able to make another lure the next day. We felt bad for eating all the grouper around us. The next day we left.

Katelyn as we sail at sunset to the next atoll, Fakarava.

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