Fakarava ~ Katelyn

After coming through the Fakarava south pass, it took us awhile to find a good anchor spot.  When we finally anchored, we were a long way from the other boats. That day we snorkeled the pass, which was cool, but there was a strong current rushing us out to sea. The snorkeling wasn’t great (I know, we’re spoiled), but it was refreshing and fun to get in the water. We snorkeled the next morning, however, and thought it was amazing. The one thing that made the south pass so popular was its sharks. It is called the “Wall of Sharks.” I would more likely call it a “carpet of sharks.” There were at least two hundred sharks swimming underneath us. We were going to scuba dive the pass, but after seeing so many, I passed on the pass. We stayed there a few nights and walked into town to see the place. It was a very small town with no stores. For decoration in their church, they made a seashell chandelier. 

We left for another anchorage in Fakarava where it was supposed to be sandy. Once we were anchored, a few kids went to the beach (including my mom). At the beach, I was delighted to find three puppies. They tried to chew on anything we brought (including the paddle board). Once we put away our stuff, they were satisfied just chewing on my hair or hand. Also while we were on the beach, a giant boar came and chewed on the grass not too far away. He didn’t seem interested in us.  When a kid threw a rock at him (against my will), it bounced off, and he didn’t even flinch. My mom was scared into the water when the pig walked up to her (when I say walked up to, I mean seven meters away). That night we had a lightning storm, and our AIS was fried from a proximity lightning strike, again. Other things were broken but we were able to fix them. Most everyone left that day except for us and one other kid boat. Michael and the dad from the other boat, Kevin, took a freediving class.

In their class they did lots of breathing exercises and yoga. Now Michael can hold his breath for two and a half minutes and can dive sixty feet. While he was in the water freediving, we were watching a movie and paddle boarding. I paddled to the beach once to see the puppies and once with my dad to explore the creeks and snorkel. 

The next day we left for the biggest town on Fakarava.

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